Sample Hotel



Parking lot

Standerd Vehicle(Under width 2 m and length 5 m)

Parking fee: 500 yen per night (4:00 pm to 10:00 am An additional fee will be charged for usage outside these hours.) Reservations are not accepted for parking spaces. Parking is available on a first-come-first served basis. If the parking lot is full, please use a nearby coin parking lot. Use of the coin parking lot is at the guest's expense. Other coin parking in the area *On the weekend, the parking lots are usually full by 6:00 pm. Please note that the parking lots may also become full on weekdays. *Prices for nearby coin parking lots are subject to change. .Please check yourself.

Large Vehicle(Over width 2 m or length 5 m)

Parking fees depend on the sized of your vehicle. (500 yen per standard vehicle) Please be sure to make a reservation. You will not be permitted to park if you didn't make a reservation in advance. *This also applies to some large vehicles such as Hiace vans, etc. *Large vehicles (except tour buses) will not be permitted to park on weekends, consecutive holidays, and other busy periods.


Please use the regular vehicle parking lot. 1 parking space may be rented for 500 yen. *Multiple motorcycles may be parked in the same space. However, please take care that the handlebars do not extend past the white lines of the space. *Motorcycles are not permitted to be parked in the bicycle parking area. *If the parking lot is full, our staff will direct you to an alternative parking lot. Time restrictions also apply to the parking lot. Please refer to the following link. *This service operates on a first-come-first served basis. We advise that motorcycle riders should arrive early. *Motorcycles are not permitted to be parked in gaps between cars.


Please use the bicycle parking area. Free *Bicycle should be parked within the bicycle area lines. There is only space for a few bicycles. *Please use a paid parking space for vehicles if you have many bicycles. *There is no place to park bicycles other than the bicycle parking area. Please note that bicyles are not permitted inside the building.

Reataurant Breakfast 6:30-9:00 Dinner 17:00-22:00

Breakfast Buffet  1200JPY

Enjoy the authentic Sanuki udon noodles.
Buffet breakfast with 30 items to choose from.
Fresh noodles made by local noodle factory.
The dashi broth made with plenty of Ibukijima Iriko Dried Sardines.
Self-serve style authentic Sanuki udon noodles available.
We will provide a bento box for those who wish to dine in their rooms.
Opening hours: 6:00 am - 9:30 am (Last order: 9:00 am)
*The price for children 6 years old and above is the same as the price for adults.
*For children from 3 to 5 years old, an fee of 500 yen is required even if they will not be eating.
Children 2 years old or younger are free.
For children 2 years old or younger, please select "No meals and futon required"
*Take-out containers are limited to the number determined by the hotel. Refill is not available.
They also cannot be taken outside the hotel.
*Please choose to dine either in the restaurant or in your room.

Free space at dinner time

You can bring food and drink.

Dinner Bento Box (reservation required )  1000JPY

It is a boxed dinner ordered in advance.
It will be available at the restaurant.
You can take it back to your room if you wish.
Dinner hours (pick-up hours): from 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm, close at 10:00 pm
*For sanitary reasons, the bento boxes cannot be picked up after 9:00 pm.
※The dinner box menu will change daily.

90 min. Free drink  1300JPY

90 min. Free drink Beer, Sake, Shochu, Whisky

Large public bath

Male public bath

Evening 16:00-24:00 Morning 6:00-10:00

Female public bath

You need a PIN for entrance.
Evening 16:00-24:00 Morning 6:00-10:00

Free rental


We have many kind of pillow. You can chose.


Rent a Bicycle (up to 1 hour)。
For long hour use, please rent at the Rent-a-Cycle Port that is located under ground of Takamatsu station Bldg.

the others

blanket, trouser presser, fan,umbrella

the other facility ※room facility


Washing machine 300JPY    Drying machine 100JPY/15min
Business hour 8am to 23pm

Laundry service

Sakae dry Web site

Ice maker, Microwave

They are on the first floor. Please you use the ice bucket in your room.
※You can't bring ice to out of hotel.


They are on the first floor.

Public phone

They is not phone in the guest room. Public phone is on the first floor.

Coin locker

Please you use coin locker, if you want to leave your baggage.
We don't accept keeping luggage at the reseption desk.
One day of check-in and check-out will be free. The other days 500JPY/day


Please include your name and the period of your stay on the delivery notice. Also, please designate your luggage delivery date on the day of the check-in, or the day before your arrival.
We cannot accept any frozen items, refrigerated items, living creatures, hazardous goods, large amounts of luggages and large baggages. Please note that we cannot receive your baggages if you haven't paid for the delivery in advance, as we will not pay the fee for any freight collect nor conduct the cash-on-delivery system.
For long term storage of your belongings, we will charge a separate storage fee.

Mini shop

Snacks, light meal ete.